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Release Notes for v2.1.51

Product Update – v2.1.51

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: February 11, 2022

New And Enhanced Features

  • Dashboard UI: Relocation and Update of “Show Schedule Time Tab” – Update to Show Schedule Time Tab to display as “Enable creation of draft reservations from the dashboard”. This setting now appears under Options > Reservation Settings
  • Provider Sign Up: Alert Users of Errors – Update to the Provider Sign Up site to display an error message if no Provider Sign Up form is found
  • Dashboard UI: New Video Call Link to Resources – Update to add a field on resources to include a video call link to be used in message variables.
  • Booking Site UI: New 12/24 Hour Time Toggle – Booking Site users are now able to toggle between a display of 12 or 24 hour time slots
  • Dashboard UI: Notify user when deleting Google/Outlook Calendar from a Resource – Update to inform the user with a loading indicator when an external calendar is deleted
  • Booking Site UI: Remove Cancel button when rescheduling a reservation – Update to remove the ‘Cancel’ button on booking site confirmation pages when rescheduling a reservation
  • Dashboard UI: Update to the Interface for Adding Forms to Bookables – Update to ensure that the first form step is disabled until the second step has a form attached. This update indicates that the second form step is required
  • API: New Call to Bulk-Create Users for an Organization – Added a call create_bookable_users_for_organization that takes a list of usernames and associated information (firstname, lastname, email address, etc.) and creates not only a user for each username but also associated entities for a single-bookable-single-resource-appointment booking use case
  • Booking Site UI: Update “Add To Job” default text – On forms with multiple sections, the “Add To Job” is now replaced with the text “Add To {{reservation}}” so that the vocabulary term for reservation will properly update the button when configured
  • Booking Site UI: Update to Embedded Button iFrames – Embedded Button iFrames for Provider and Booking Sites will include various style updates to improve the customer experience of using the booking site

Resolved Issues

  • Fixes an issue when hovering around the “limit all seats” bookable option description to no longer block other option in the frame
  • Fixes an issue in rescheduling reservations in the dashboard that hold value functions
  • Fixes an issue of double booking on regular availability bookables with resource groups
  • Fixes an issue that ensures regular availability bookables with waitlist enabled don’t offer time slots that aren’t available for the resource or resource group
  • Fixes an issue when completing Provider Sign Up to successfully redirect users to the dashboard
  • Fixes an issue to ensure that the Provider drop-down is populated when creating resource groups
  • Fixes an issue in which value functions were not applying as intended on booking sites
  • Fixes an issue where forms with conditional display questions were not appearing on booking sites
  • Fixes an issue with Provider filtering on the bookable and resource lists in the dashboard
  • Fixes an issue with the “Sign Up” button on the admin page that ensures the button directs users to Provider Sign Up as intended
  • Fixes an issue in the dashboard interface that displayed unintended resources in bookable availability windows
  • Fixes an issue to ensure that SMS notifications with cancel triggers are sent as intended
  • Fixes an issue with Magic Links that were failing when sent to existing staff users
  • Fixes an issue to reservation filters in the reservation list to ensure that they apply and return reservations successfully
  • Fixes an issue with case sensitivity with existing customer users on the booking sites
  • Fixes an issue with the Captivated SMS Integration to ensure that all SMS notifications are sent as intended from the Captivated platform
  • Fixes an issue on booking sites that did not display availability when blackouts spanned longer than the current month
  • Fixes an issue to ensure that a resource that has a blackout within a resource group only blacks out availability for itself and not the whole group
  • Fixes an issue with long loading times when attempting to confirm a waitlisted reservation
  • Fixes an issue with resource timezones to ensure that modifying resource availability affects booking site availability as intended
  • Fixes an issue when editing provider templates to ensure that the template does not revert to a normal provider
  • Removes “Attendees” on booking site confirmation pages if no attendees are present with the reservation
  • Fixes an issue when creating a provider template to ensure that subdomains are not added

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