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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect calendars?
Yes! Google and Outlook calendar connections are made through Resources. Once connected, Periodic checks against all other events on your calendar to ensure you’re never double-booked.
I have my own website – can I embed from Periodic?
Absolutely! We make it easy to embed Bookables. After navigating  to Configuration>Bookables, hover over the Bookable of your choice. Select the option and a pop-up will give clear instructions and code to copy as either a button or direct embed.
I’m on the Dashboard – where do I find my customer facing site?
You’re looking for the Booking Site. Navigate to Configuration>Providers. Then, select the “Visit Site” link next to the Provider. You’ll be redirected to the Provider’s Booking Site where customers can make reservations. You can do the same on individual Bookables.
Which type of availability should I use?
There are three types of availability: Regular, Book by Day, and Event.
Regular availability should be used when you have Bookables that have a recurring weekly schedule. For example, if you have a Bookable that is always available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, use Regular Availability.
Can I process payments for reservations?
Yes! Periodic is integrated with Stripe, a service that will allow you to process on-demand payments for reservations. You can learn more and sign-up for a Stripe account here. Once you have a Stripe account, enter your credentials in your Periodic Integrations page and you’ll be ready to go!