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Passing Data to Forms in URL Parameters

When integrating the Periodic Booking Site into another website or application, you may want to pass data along in order to prevent redundant data entry. URL parameters are a helpful way to do this. Values passed to the Booking Site via URL parameters can automatically pre-fill any or all of the fields on your customer form. If the key you pass matches any of the form fields you’ve created, the input will automatically be populated with the value you’ve passed.
The following structure can be applied to pass those details:
  • where provider_subdmain is the subdomain you assigned to the Provider when you created it
  • where marketplace_domain is the base domain of your marketplace, either ________.periodic.is or your custom domain
  • where key1 is the prompt of the first form field you want to fill, with all characters in lowercase and with all spaces replaced by underscores and where value1 is the value you want to assign for that field

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