Creating a Bookable

Customers make Reservations on Bookables. Bookables are the reservation types that Providers make available for booking. Bookables live within Providers, but Resources, Forms, and Message Templates all attach to Bookables.


Bookable Settings

Bookables require a name, Provider association, availability windows, and a Form to collect the First Name, Last Name, and Email from customers booking. 


Bookables have their own availability windows and optional settings to accommodate both simple and complex services. Bookables may also have associated Resources. If Resources are associated, the availability of the Bookables will be further constrained by the availability of the Resources.

Attaching Resources to Bookables

Click on the applied Availability Window to attach a Resource or Resource Group.

Resource Assignment Methods

Required Resources – Resource is assigned automatically with every reservation.

Priority Order – Resource is assigned automatically and never seen by the customer booking. The Resource first on the list will always be assigned if available and if not, then the second Resource, then the third Resource, etc.

Round Robin – Resource is assigned automatically and never seen by the customer booking. Resources will be assigned to reservations in a looping order and as evenly as possible.

Customer Choice – Resource is selected manually by the customer when booking.

Resource Claim – Customer books a reservation without a Resource and the user managing that Resource later claims that reservation. The customer never sees the Resource when booking.

Attaching Message Templates to Bookables

Click on the Notification Option to attach Message Templates.

Attaching Forms to Bookables

You can display Form(s) either before or after the Date/Time Selection Step to the customer on the Booking Site. Whichever Form contains the First Name, Last Name, and Email questions must come after the Date/Time Selection.

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