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Release Notes for July 7, 2020

Product Update – v2.0.3

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

July 7, 2020

New and Enhanced Features

  • New Booking Site Search & Sort feature – Dashboard users can now enable a search bar and Bookable Tag filter to allow customers to quickly and easily find a Bookable with key words or phrases. The search bar will find any word in a Bookable name, tag or description, while the filter can display a list of Bookable Tags
  • New Time-bound Resource Capacity Limit setting – Dashboard users can now create a capacity limit for a given period of time on any Resource. This is helpful when Resource capacity changes regularly.
  • New API call get_form_questions_for_user – This call greatly speeds up the reservation information dialog by returning all form questions to which a user has access.

Resolved Issues

  • PROVIDER_WEBSITE message variable reference – Fixes an issue where the PROVIDER_WEBSITE message variable references the website field on a Provider settings.
  • Cancelling Reservations on the Dashboard when filters are applied – Fixes an issue when cancelling a reservation was impossible with filters applied on the Reservation List or Reservation Calendar on the Dashboard.
  • Rescheduling Reservations on the Booking Site removes form inputs – Fixes an issue when rescheduling a reservation on the Booking Site would remove certain form inputs previously entered on the original reservation.
  • Phone Number field edit on My Account page – Fixes an issue where users could not edit the phone number field on the Dashboard under the My Account page.
  • Notifications sending twice in some cases – Fixes an issue where a hardcoded, default message template in the backend was triggering email notifications more than once.
  • Points Package applying to Providers by default – Fixes an issue where Points Packages were getting added to Providers upon Provider creation by default.
  • Dashboard displaying a blank page when viewed on IE11 – Fixes an issue where the Dashboard is a blank screen when viewed on an IE11 browser.
  • CUSTOMER_QUESTIONS_RESPONSES message variable not working when passing a specific question or answer – Fixes an issue where the custom questions, responses message variable would not reference a specific question or answer ( CUSTOM_QUESTIONS_RESPONSES{A, first_name} ) when using the question slug.
  • Dashboard Staff notification invitation not using default template and instad displaying blank subject line and message – Fixes an issue where the Staff Invite Message Template would not get referenced when inviting a new Staff on the Dashboard.

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