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Release Notes for April 20, 2021 – v2.1.28

Product Update – V2.1.28

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: April 15, 2021

New And Enhanced Features

  • Resource page load times on the Dashboard – An update to the Resource list and creation action on the Dashboard make the load times about 5x faster.
  • Resend button on User Invites – Dashboard users can now resend user invitations on the Dashboard.
  • Update to Marketplace Search feature – The Provider search feature through the Marketplace Search app will now retrieve Provider results in a matter of 1-3 seconds.
  • Search feature and reorder of Forms on the Bookable Options page – An update to the Form Option allows users to scroll through an alphabetical list or search for a given Form on the Bookable Option page.
  • Cypress testing framework – Introduced an end-to-end testing framework using Cypress for both the Booking Site and Dashboard.

Resolved Issues

  • Marketplace < > Provider Vocabulary settings  – Fixes an issue on both the Booking Site and Dashboard in which a Provider will only reference the Provider Vocabulary settings, if they differ from the Marketplace Vocabulary settings.
  • Waitlist feature dropdown issue on Dashboard – Fixes an issue with the Waitlist feature where the option to expand and view Waitlist bookings on the Reservation List was not working.
  • Dashboard users trouble rescheduling – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where users were seeing errors when rescheduling existing reservation on different Providers or Bookables. This update will no longer allow users to reschedule an existing reservation on different Providers or Bookables.
  • Forms with Roster questions causing problems on the Booking Site – Fixes an issue on the Booking Site where Roster questions were interfering with the ability for customers to complete a booking.
  • “My Reservations” tab not loading on Resource User interface – Fixes an issue where the “My Reservations” tab would only every show the loading indicator.

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