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Release Notes for December 15, 2020 – v2.1.10

Product Update – v2.1.10

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: December 11,  2020

New and Enhanced Features

  • Dashboard Administrators can now modify the price of a Reservation – Dashboard Admins can alter the price of a reservations with payments that have not yet been charged (i.e. reservations with payments triggered upon check-out).
  • Update to allow users to edit Roster questions on the Reservation Details in the Dashboard  – This allows Dashboard users to not only view, but edit Roster question responses on existing reservations on the Reservation Details view.
  • New disclaimer message when rescheduling on Booking Site with payments – Customers on the Booking Site will now see a disclaimer when rescheduling with payments to better communicate that the card on file will not be charged twice. “You will not be charged during reschedule.”
  • The Conditional Display feature in Form questions now allows multiple options – An update to the Conditional Display editor in Form questions allows the user to choose more than one response from the conditional question.
  • Updating form responses on a Reservation in the Dashboard will now update payment info for forms responses affecting Reservation price – This update allows a Dashboard user to edit form responses, that affect the price on existing reservations, and see the pricing information recalculated with the new values displayed. If the reservation has already been paid, the user will see a warning message that the responses tied to the value functions can no longer be altered.
  • Update to fire notifications even when Message Variables cannot resolve – The notification system was not sending when the Message Variable failed to interpolate (or could not be found). This change removed that functionality to ensure that notifications send anyway and instead display the name of the Message Variable (e.g. displaying PROVIDER_PHONE in the case of a Provider Phone Number field not having a value). FORM_RESPONSES is the only Message Variable to not follow this convention and will instead show no value or text in the notification.
  • Updated price breakdown on Booking Site confirmation page – Reservations with multiple price fields (base price, add-ons, taxes, etc.) will now be broken down and displayed as such on the Booking Site confirmation page to the customer before finalizing a booking.
  • Single use booking links – This new API call will allow Marketplaces to issue single use Bookable links that expire after a single use, or booking. This unique link will be useful for support calls where customers should only have access to one booking on a given Marketplace.

Resolved Issues

  • Missing transactions in Reports option in Dashboard  – Fixes an issue for all transactions in the past and future where a number of transactions were missing in the Reports due to transactions not being created with providerid fields.
  • Reservations not showing for customers using the Customer Login option on the Booking Site – Fixes an issue where reservations were not showing up for customers using the Customer Login button due to permission issues with Booking Site users.
  • CUSTOMER_TIME_ZONE variable not showing the actual Customer timezone in notifications – Fixes an issue where the CUSTOMER_TIME_ZONE variable was not working in notifications.
  • Reservations not appearing on Reservation Calendar in the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where Reservations would never populate on the Reservation Calendar in the Dashboard.
  • Search bar in Reservation List not returning expected results – Fixes an issue where the terms searched in the Reservation List search bar were not returning as expected due to case sensitivity.
  • Customer logging out on embedded Booking Sites causing style problems – Fixes an issue where custom styling for an embedded Booking Site experience were getting removed whenever a customer would opt to log out as a Customer.
  • Currency display bug on Integrations page in Dashboard – Fixes an issue where the currency displayed on the Integrations page in the Dashboard would only ever showing the dollar sign, despite selecting a different currency option.
  • Multi-Segmented Event start/end times not displaying in the customer timezones on the Booking Site – Fixes an issue where Multi-Segmented Event start/end times were showing in the Provider timezone on the Booking Site rather than the expected customer timezone.
  • Form responses and “seat” setting not maintained when rescheduling on Booking Site – Fixes an issue where rescheduling a reservation on the Booking Site was not keeping the original form responses and allowed the Customer to select a different number of seats from the original booking.
  • Display bug on the Bookable Calendar Option feature in the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where the Google Map would not autocomplete an address input whenever the Dashboard user selected the Bookable location option Physical Address to be stored on location of calendar event.
  • Filter issue for reservation displaying to Resource Users in the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where the filter by created date was not sorting reservations for Resource Users viewing/claiming reservations in the Dashboard.

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