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Release Notes For December 22, 2020 – v2.1.11

Product Update – v2.1.11

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: December 22,  2020

New and Enhanced Features

  • Update to Resource User UI – Employee users in the Dashboard now have a dropdown option to be associated with and manage Resources through the Users > Staff page.
  • Update to Booking Site confirmation page update – The page customers see when hitting the final step on the Booking Site before submitting a reservation has been updated. The position of the Bookable image, order form responses when more than one form is present, and use new icons have been added to provide a better user experience.
  • New Book-by-Day logic on the Booking Site – When a Bookable is in Book-by-Day mode customers will now see a two-month date calendar instead of one. This will allow customers selecting multiple time slots to click the first and last day of their range and have every day in between automatically highlighted, rather than clicking on each individual day. If the minimum and maximum time slot selection is greater than one day, customers only have to click once on the desired date to cause the subsequent days to automatically be selected.
  • Update to FormResponse object on Reservations – For API and webhook users, it can be frustrating to have to make a second API call just to figure out the information on a form question. This data will be a snapshot of what the question was at the time of booking.
  • Update to the Team Periodic Booking Site styles – Changes to the Team Periodic Booking Site to make for a more elegant booking experience.
  • New UI for Captivated integration – This new Dashboard interface will allow users to connect to the Captivated platform through the Marketplace and Provider settings.
  • Reorder function on Bookable Tags – Dashboard users can now reorder the Bookable Tags with a drag and drop function to display in that created order on the Booking Site.
  • lock_responses feature on Bookable settings for custom Reservations – Dashboard users can now start a reservation for a customer by filling out the appropriate Bookable and form responses without the customer present and simply send a link for the customer to complete the booking with payment (if present) and submit. The lock_responses feature prohibits customers from altering form responses answered by the administrator.
  • Customizable message when the Provider Search returns no results – Dashboard users can create a custom message to display on the Booking Site when the Provider Search returns no results.
  • Update to form_responses object – Rather than forcing users to make separate API calls to retrieve question prompts and response options, we have updated the form_responses object to include question prompts, dynamic variables, and response option names.
  • Updated Travel Fee logic to use form_responses – The Travel Fee feature would calculate based on an address in the custom_questions_responses format, which is now deprecated. Travel Fees are now calculated using form_responses.

Resolved Issues

  • Reminder notifications not sending correctly out of Captivated platform  – Fixes an issue with Reminder Notifications where the phone number Country Code was not getting added to numbers and therefore sending from the default SMS sender rather than Captivated.
  • Form questions not loading on Reservation Details – Fixes an issue where form questions were getting created without a provider/providerids member, causing the Reservation Details only show a limited number of Form Questions on a Reservation.
  • Customer responses on ‘date’, ‘select’, and ‘radio’ question types are not displaying in the Reservation Details when the Reservation is rescheduled – Fixes an issue where rescheduling removes the responses to certain question types on a form used by a customer on a Reservation.
  • associated_providers returning null rather than an empty array – Fixes an issue where entities with an associated_providers member will lat least return [] rather than null.
  • Resource User error message when logging into the Dashboard immediately after creation – Fixes an issue where Resource Users were seeing the error message User should only have access to reservations with a common providerThe create_user call now puts the providerid in the providers member.

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