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Release Notes for December 29, 2020 – v2.1.12

Product Update – v2.1.12

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: December 23,  2020

New and Enhanced Features

  • New Book by Day display on Booking Site – Bookables with Book by Day availability will now show a two month view, instead of a single month. This lets customers easily select their desired time slot.
  • Update to Marketplace Search now includes key words – This feature will allow users to hit the Marketplace Search page and find Providers and Bookables by key words. The search will look for Provider and Bookable names, descriptions, and tags.
  • New display of Managing User on Resource page – The Resource page on the Dashboard will now display the Managing User. This makes it really easy for administrators to see which Staff is controlling a Resource at a given time.
  • Update to the Stripe destination charges system – When a refund has to be issued via Stripe, the funds will now be transferred from the connected account to the platform account and then transfer 100% of the amount to the customer.
  • New hover preview for Book by Day timeslots on the Booking Site – The Booking Site will now give a hover preview for selected timeslots when the Bookable is set to Book by Day and has a minimum/maximum timeslot selection both set to greater than one.
  • Booking Site users now taken to top of page on forms section – After a Booking Site user clicks the “continue” button on the Date/Time page, they will now be taken to the top of the form section to input form responses.
  • Update to Booking Site to account for limited_use links – Bookables marked as limited_use are now treated as hidden Bookables.

Resolved Issues

  • “Check In” option missing on Reservation List  – Fixes an issue where the “Check In” button was missing on the Reservation List.
  • Timezone display overlapping other fields on Booking Site – Fixes an issue where certain Timezones displayed on the Booking Site were overlapping other fields when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Value functions and pricing based on Form responses not being evaluated correctly on the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where value functions calculated by Form responses were not effecting the price of reservations as expected on the Dashboard Reservation Details.
  • Booking Site displaying a total price of $0 when Bookable set to “Display price, require no upfront payment” – Fixes an issue where Bookables set to “Display price, require no upfront payment” would display a total price of $0 instead of the integer written on the Bookable.
  • Loading icon spins indefinitely when clicking “View Reservations” tab without any reservations – Fixes an issue on the Booking Site where a user clicking the “View Reservations” tab would see a loading indicator spin indefinitely if the user had not reservations to see.
  • Reschedule modal on the Dashboard not showing a Resource selection option as expected – Fixes an issue where rescheduling reservations through the Dashboard would not display Resource Groups set to “Customer Choice” in the modal.
  • Unable to open Reservation Details – Fixes an issue where Dashboard users were unable to open the Reservation Details modal.

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