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Release Notes for December 9, 2020 – v2.1.9

Product Update – v2.1.9

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

December 9,  2020

New and Enhanced Features

  • API integration with Captivated – Captivated powers businesses with SMS messaging with their customers. This integration will allow any Dashboard user to trigger text messages related to bookings to customers from a Captivated number and platform.
  • New roster Attendee UI in Dashboard Reservation Details – Responses to roster questions with more than one attendee will now display on the Reservation Details.
  • Updated Admin Name field on Form Questions – Admin Name is a name that can be used to reference a Form question internally. It will never display to your customers. It is useful for targeting a question when passing data to the Booking Site via URL parameters or when displaying customer responses in SMS and Email notifications.
  • Updated Validate/Invalidate UI on Dashboard Reservation Details  – This update will allow users to Validate/Invalidate Reservations more than once in the Dashboard on the Reservation Details view.
  • Updated Arbitrary Reservation feature – Dashboard users can now create Reservations that bypass normal availability requirements using the Arbitrary Reservation option.

Resolved Issues

  • Unanswered number Form question type display issue on Dashboard – Fixes an issue where unanswered number Form questions would inaccurately display a response in the Reservation Details.
  • Rescheduling overwriting the original price of a Reservation – Fixes an issue where rescheduling a Reservation would overwrite the price details of the original booking, affecting the ability to charge or alter the charge on the rescheduled Reservation.
  • Marketplace Home Page display issue – Fixes an issue where any change to the Marketplace Home Page setting would result in defaulting that view to the Marketplace Search with an inability to change it back to the template or list view.
  • Cancelled Reservations displaying on Reservation List by default – Fixes an issue where cancelled Reservations were showing on the Reservation List without filtering for them.
  • Removal of extraneous API calls on Booking Site – Fixes an issue where unnecessary API calls were being made on the Booking Site.
  •  Disable “Create Provider” button for certain users – Fixes an issue where a Provider Group user could create additional Providers in the Dashboard.
  • claim_reservation no longer adds duplicated Resource IDs to the Reservation – Fixes an issue where the claim_reservation call would duplicate Resource IDs.
  • Message Variables not checking Multi-Segment Event start/end times for reminder notifications – Fixes an issue where Multi-Segment Event reminder notifications were not firing at the proper start times for each segment.

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