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Release Notes for February 2, 2021 – v2.1.17

Product Update – V2.1.17

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: January 1, 2021

New And Enhanced Features

  • Marketplace Discount Code feature – Discount Codes are now available at the Marketplace-level rather than just Providers. This allows Dashboard administrators to create a discount code for every Bookable across the Marketplace.
  • UI update on the Booking Site for unanswered checkbox Form questions – Unanswered checkbox Form questions are now hidden on the Reservation summary page of the Booking Site.
  • Booking Site default login option updated – The default wording on the Booking Site login option now says “Login” rather than “Guest” to better communicate to customers where to login or view upcoming reservations.
  • Marketplace Search wording now customizable – Dashboard users can now customize the language displayed to customers using the Marketplace Search. This allows users to edit and add markdown to the Search Description, the Search prompt, and the message displayed when no results are found.
  • Dashboard UI for selecting a Single Sign On integration – Users now have an interface for selecting their desired Single Sign On integration.

Resolved Issues

  • Cannot add Resource to Reservation on the Reservation Details – Fixes an issue where Dashboard users could not add Resources to existing Reservations through the Reservation Details.
  • Phone Number input rejected on the Provider Contact Info page – Fixes an issue where Dashboard users were unable to add anything on the Phone Number field on the Provider Contact Info page.
  • Required Email form question on the Booking Site rejecting inputs – Fixes an issue where customers on the Booking Site were unable to add the required Email form response.
  • Reservation List on the Dashboard not initially loading Reservations – Fixes an issue where Reservations were not loading when first landing on the Reservation List page.
  • “Approve” button on Admin Approval Reservations unresponsive in the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where Dashboard users could not “Approve” Admin Approval Reservations.
  • no reservation data not found error when loading Dashboard – Fixes an issue where Dashboard users were seeing a red toast immediately after logging in, which also caused the Reservation List to not display any Reservations.
  • Value Functions within Form Questions not being constructed properly – Fixes an issue where value function variables were not referencing appropriate values.
  • Form responses missing the last letter on all responses – Fixes an issue where the text-input controller was removing the last character in every Form response on booked Reservations.
  • Tax setting not working as expected – Fixes an issue where the Tax setting on Bookables were not applied as expected on Reservations.

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