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Release Notes for February 24, 2020 – v2.1.20

Product Update – V2.1.20

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: January 24, 2021

New And Enhanced Features

  • New UI for Bookable “Party” setting – Bookables now have the UI for the “Party” setting. Enabling this setting will prevent multiple parties from booking the same time slot. Once an initial reservation is made, additional seats may be booked only by the same customer.
  • New filter to sort Message Templates by type SMS or Email – This new filter allows Dashboard users to sort and find Message Templates by type, either SMS or Email.
  • Reordered navigation on Settings > Options page – Marketplace Options have been reordered and categorized to better specify Provider and Reservation settings on the Marketplace level.
  • Reordered navigation Settings > Integrations page – The Marketplace Integrations page have been updated with new logos and optional integrations.
  • Phone Number and Address Provider Contact Information now clickable on the Booking Site when on a mobile device – Customers visiting the Booking Site on phones now have the option to click on the phone number and address links on the Provider Contact Info to launch a phone call or maps app.

Resolved Issues

  • Guest Checkout not triggering payment modal  – Fixes an issue where enabling the Guest Checkout feature would not open the payment modal when necessary on the Booking Site.
  • PDF/CSV downloads from the Reservation List not updating per the filters – Fixes an issue where filters on the Dashboard, Reservation List are not altering the results given on PDF/CSV downloads.
  • Google Maps autocomplete feature added on Dashboard for Address fields – Fixes an issue where the Google Maps autocomplete feature did not work on the Dashboard.
  • Blackouts not blocking availability when booking on the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where Blackouts would not block availability as expected when creating reservations through the Dashboard.
  • Reservation List not returning any results – Fixes an issue where the Reservation List was not returning any results for any date range on the Dashboard.
  • Automatic Resource assignment error when attempting to book on the Booking Site – Fixes an issue where customers would attempt to book a reservation on the Booking Site with payment and an automatic Resource assignment but see an error message Sorry, your reservation was not successful. This update ensures automatic Resource assignment on the Booking Site works as intended and does not cause this error.
  • Cannot add a new Resource to an existing Reservation – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where Administrators could not add a new or additional Resource to an existing Reservation.
  • Approve button unresponsive for Admin Approval bookings on the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where Administrators on the Dashboard could not approve reservations.
  • Booking Cutoff options not saving on Bookables – Fixes an issue on the Bookable Options page in the Dashboard where the Booking Cutoff setting would not actually save or affect the booking cutoff on reservations.
  • Customers unable to change roles to Staff users in the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where Customer users could not be updated or have roles change to Staff users.

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