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Release Notes for January 19, 2021 – v2.1.15

Product Update – v2.1.15

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: January 15, 2021

New and Enhanced Features

  • UI to associate Forms with Providers – Dashboard users can now associate and disassociate Forms with Providers in the UI.
  • Update to Inactive Resources – A check now exists to verify the active or inactive status of Resources in a Resource Group when booking through the Booking Site.
  • Update to Travel Fee logic – The logic for Travel Fees now references formresponses rather than the deprecated customquestions.
  • Update to the create Reservation API response data to return id rather than _id – This update changed _id to id in the API.
  • Functionality to send SMS notifications from Provider SMS accounts – This update to the API allows SMS senders to apply a unique token and phone number to individual Provider accounts, rather than the previous Marketplace implementation.
  • Security update to form input fields – This update will protect both the Dashboard and Booking Site from potential XSS attacks.
  • Conditional display Form Questions now allow number inputs – Number input From Questions can now offer a conditional display. This allows users to show other Form Questions based on certain number inputs on the Booking Site.
  • reservation_code UI on Reservation List – Dashboard users using the reservation_code feature to give Reservations unique confirmation or tracking IDs will be able to search for and see those codes on the Reservation List in the Dashboard.
  • Forced logout due to inactivity – Users logged into either the Dashboard or Booking Site will now have to log back in after a 30 minute idle period. At that 30 minute mark, users will see a warning message for 5 minutes before getting automatically logged out of the system.

Resolved Issues

  • Seat selection dropdown on Booking Site no dynamic to Seats available – Fixes an issue where the Seats available in the dropdown menu on the Booking Site could exceed the number of seats available on a given time slot.
  • Booking in Advance restriction bug on Bookables – Fixes an issue where the Booking in Advance setting would not allow the customer to leave the second field on that setting empty.
  • Reservation timestamps showing inaccurate timezone – Fixes an issue where the created timestamp on Reservations in the Reservation List view would show the reservation in GMT, a timezone different from that of the Provider. This update adds a timezone indicator on every Reservation.
  • New Reservation Notification email option on Bookables loading indefinitely – Fixes an issue where the New Reservation Notification was loading indefinitely when trying to save on the Dashboard.
  • Provider Sign Up links not working – Fixes an issue where the Provider Sign Up links would always return there was an error in creating an account rather than taking new sign ups to the Dashboard.
  • “Save Response to User Profile” Form option not saving responses to user profiles – Fixes an issue where the form option to “Save Response to User Profile” would never save responses to user profiles. This update ensures that any question using this setting will save any Form Response to the Customer profile in the Dashboard.
  • Text input Form Questions overlap on Booking Site Confirmation and Dashboard Reservation Details – Fixes an issue where responses to Text Form Questions would overlap the provided area on both the Confirmation page and Reservation Details.
  • Reservation List on Dashboard not automatically displaying upcoming Reservations – Fixes an issue where Reservations were not auto-populating on the Reservation List.
  • Resource Manager managing multiple Resources unable to load the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where Resource Managers were always seeing a loading indicator when trying to log onto the Dashboard.
  • IOS devices automatically zooming on Booking Site – Fixes an issue where certain IOS devices were zooming on the Booking Site > Bookable selection page and causing a strange display issue.

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