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Release Notes for July 20, 2021 – v2.1.37

Product Update – V2.1.37

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: July 16, 2021

New And Enhanced Features

  • Warning when attempting to add Resources to Resource Groups when Provider associations do not match – Users attempting to add Resources to Resource Groups without direct Provider associations will now see a warning and not have the ability to update the Resource Group without first updating the Provider associations.
  • Bookable Availability Windows now allow 5 minute increments – Update to the Bookable Availability Window on the Dashboard to allow users to click and change the start and end times of time slots as granular as 5 minute increments instead of 30.
  • Provider Subdomain UI update – Update to the Provider Subdomain Interface to display a tooltip explaining what the subdomain field is and added 2 buttons for users to be able to copy link and view embed instructions.

Resolved Issues

  • Roster attendees not receiving notifications – Fixes an issue where Roster attendees were not receiving email or SMS notifications throughout the booking process despite existing on the Bookable.
  • Unable to add specific resources to reservations – Fixes an issue where Dashboard Users were not able to add resources to existing reservations .
  • Inability to choose one date as the start and end date for reservations in checklist mode – Fixes an issue where Users were unable to select one date as start and end date in the Dual Calendar view on the Booking Site.
  • Deleting all forms when single form is deleted in the confirmation page – Fixes an issue where when multiple form submissions are present, deleting one form would delete all forms on the confirmation page.
  • First available time slot pre-selected but does not reflect in the UI – Fixes an issue where the calendar interface did not reflect the first available time slot being pre-selected.
  • Rescheduling reservations using the RESCHEDULE_LINK creates a new reservation – Fixes an issue where customers rescheduling a reservation using the link prompted them to add payment information again and created a new reservation.

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