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Release Notes for June 8, 2021 – v2.1.33

Product Update – V2.1.33

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: June 4, 2021

New And Enhanced Features

  • Updated Markdown support – The Dashboard now allows for consistent experiences by offering markdown supported, Booking Site text fields. Learn more about Periodic’s Markdown support here.
  • Update to the Bookable Pricing UI – The new interface allows users edit the price of a Bookable by opting into a new Pricing Model option and updated Downpayment, Refund, Tax, and Travel options.
  • New Display Results setting – Accounts using the Marketplace Search now have a new Display Results setting under Settings > Appearance > Marketplace Search. This will allow the Admin users to decide if selecting a Provider keep the existing or launch a new browser on the Booking Site.

Resolved Issues

  • Lagging load times on the Reservation Calendar and List when more than a couple hundred reservations are present – Fixes an issue primarily on the Reservation List where the load time is greater than 10 seconds for pages attempting to load hundreds of reservations.
  • Stripe credit card input field allows for letters and numbers – Fixes an issue on the Booking Site where customers could enter a random order of letters and numbers and still click “book it”. This update will enforce a number input only and run a check on the number before allowing customers to even attempt booking.
  • Unable to book reservations through the Dashboard – Fixes an issue for Dashboard users where the Create Reservation option would not work, allowing users to get to the final “book it!” stage before seeing an infinite loading indicator.
  • Provider-level users unable to view Resources on the Reservation List page – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where Provider-level users were unable to see Resources associated with reservations on the Reservation List.
  • Public Feed not loading – Fixes an issue where the Public Feed would not display upcoming bookings as expected.

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