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Release Notes for March 10, 2021 – v2.1.22

Product Update – V2.1.22

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: March 10, 2021

New And Enhanced Features

  • New Outlook Calendar integration – Periodic has moved away from the Outlook Rest API and now uses the Graph API version of the Outlook Calendar integration. This will enable Outlook users to generate unique Teams meeting links directly in calendar events created by Periodic. This will not disturb any current Outlook calendar connected to Resources but all new Outlook calendar connections will use the Graph API.
  • New Vocabulary entries – “Validate” and “Invalidate” are now available Vocabulary terms, editable by Dashboard users.
  • Guest Checkout positioning re-arranged on Booking Site – Marketplaces using the Guest Checkout option will now see the “Checkout as Guest” button appear before the “Create Account” button when booking. The intentions are to encourage the use of the Guest Checkout feature.
  • Google Analytics will now receive the Reservation price passed from Periodic  – Users with the Google Tag Manager integration at the Marketplace level can now track conversion values by lead source and keyword from the Periodic Booking Site.
  • Update to Provider Users triggering notifications to Admins – Provider level Users within the Dashboard can no longer add “Marketplace Admins” as recipients of notifications since Admins are above Provider users in the permissions system.
  • Address and Phone Number now clickable icons on the Booking Site – Customers visiting Booking Sites on mobile devices can now click on the address and phone number fields through the Provider Contact Info.
  • New Customer Magic Link Login feature – This new feature allows Dashboard users to send customers links to log in to the Booking Site without using a username or password. This feature also works in conjunction with the the Dashboard users ability to create a “draft” reservation with the Date/Time and/or the Form already filled out on the customers behalf.
  • Updated behavior for adding or replacing Resources on existing Reservations – Dashboard users can now replace or add Resources to existing Reservations through the Reservation Details view. This update allows the addition or replacement of Resources on Reservations that may or may not be associated with a Provider.
  • Updated password preview icon – The password creation on the Provider Signup, Password Reset, and Booking Site pages now all include an eyeball icon to allow users to preview the creation of a new password.
  • New “Short Label” field on Form Questions – The “Short Label” can be used to customize how a Price Modifying form question displays on the price breakdown of a Reservation involving payment. If the Question Prompt asks the customer to answer the question, the Short Label is a quick description to easily communicate that question type.
  • Provider Contact Info present regardless of Bookable presence – Provider Booking Sites without Bookables will now load and show the Provider Contact Info (name, address, phone number, links, etc.) rather than just showing the default message, “Sorry, this site has no active Bookables.”
  • Update to Password Reset page – Customers and Staff users using password reset links will now hit two pages with updated interfaces.
  • Update to Re-Route URL option for Providers – The option for Providers on the Dashboard to re-route customers to a different URL when booking a reservation is now hidden by default and will only be made available by request.
  • Update to Booking Site Wording on Marketplace settings – Marketplace Admin users can now create a default message through to display on Booking Sites when zero Bookables exist with an Active status. By default, the following message will be used on this setting: Sorry, this site as no active Bookables

Resolved Issues

  • Single Segment Event style issue on the Booking Site – Fixes an issue where the text and description on a Single Segment Event overlaps on the Booking Site.
  • Resource User filter on the Dashboard returning all reservations – Fixes an issue where the get_reservations call is returning all reservations for a Marketplace whenever Resource Users log into the Dashboard, rather than just returning results for associated Provider(s).
  • Date Range Filter not returning accurate results on Reservation List – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard Reservation List where the Date Range Filter was returning Reservations outside of the given start and end dates selected.
  • Google Maps autocomplete for Address Question Types on the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where the Google Maps autocomplete integration was not consistent in style or function throughout the Dashboard.
  • New Staff notifications are not sending – Fixes an issue where attempting to invite a new Staff to the Dashboard would throw the error Notification unable to send and never actually send the notification to newly created Staff users.
  • CSV/PDF downloads ignoring filters on Reservation List page – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where the CSV/PDF downloads were not considering the filters and showing the wrong data when generated from the Reservation List page.
  • Duplicate entities displayed in the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where duplicate Providers, Bookables, and Resources were showing up on the Dashboard for Provider-level users promoted from Employee-level users.
  • Booking Site forcing user to top of page when using any dropdown select option – Fixes an issue where Booking Site users are automatically pushed to the top of the page after using a dropdown select feature in the Form, Seat Selection or Timezone.
  • Employee users not see upcoming or past Reservations on the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where an API call was missing, causing Employee users to not see Reservations when logged in to the Dashboard.
  • “View More” button present on Bookable descriptions that are fully visible – Fixes an issue where the “view more” option on the Bookable descriptions on the Booking Site show to customers despite nothing more to view.
  • Reservation Approval button unresponsive on the Dashboard but still triggering notification – Fixes an issue where Dashboard users marking a Reservation as “Approved” see no update to the status of the booking but still trigger associated notifications. This update ensures the Approve button updates in the UI as expected.
  • Required Resource selection on the Booking Site not actually required – Fixed an issue on the Booking Site where customers could select a time and ignore the Customer Choice Resource Group selection, despite the requirement of a Resource on the reservation.
  • Bookables with both payments and automatic Resource assignments not working – Fixes an issue where customers could not book reservations involving payment and an automatic Resource assignment.
  • Bookables not using down payment pricing displaying a message unique to down payments on the Booking Site – Fixes an issue where Bookables using payments, without down payments enabled, were still displaying the message Your remaining balance will be automatically charged to your card upon completion of your job. on the Booking Site.
  • Unclaimed reservations not showing as available to claim for Resource Users on the Dashboard – Fixes an issue where Resource Users were not seeing unclaimed and available reservations when hitting the Available Reservations tab on the Dashboard.

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