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Release Notes for May 13, 2021 – v2.1.31.2

Product Update – V2.1.31.2

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: May 10, 2021

New And Enhanced Features

  • New Variables available for Message Templates – Two new variables are available for Dashboard users to add to Message Templates. START_TIME and END_TIME will reference the start and end times of a booking using the HH:MM format.
  • New Reservation Validation setting – The new Validation setting exists in the Dashboard on the Reservation Details view and allows users to mark a booking as either Validated or Invalidated, optionally triggering a notification with either of those two actions. The UI for this setting also allows for a Notes field for users to add comments as they Validate or Invalidate a booking.
  • Added meta name = description for better SEO results – Added a new meta tag for better results in search engine crawls.
  • Updated get_resource_by_id call – For those using the API to build their own administrative interfaces this call was updated to return the calendar type (Google or Outlook), calendar name, and syncID for each calendar connected to a given Resource. This should help users needing to know which calendars are connected to Resources.
  • Provider cards updated for the Booking Site – End users finding Providers through the Marketplace Search on the Booking Site will now see a “see more” option for long Provider descriptions with the expected markdown support.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue rescheduling reservations with Forms using a conditional display  – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard when rescheduling a reservation on a Bookable and Form using a conditional display question. This update ensures that the conditional display works on the Dashboard while rescheduling.
  • Provider geo-coordinates not saving on update – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where changing the Provider address would not update the geo-coordinates used to find that Provider on the Marketplace Search feature.
  • Number questions are showing the default value as the response on unanswered questions displayed in the Reservation Details – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard Reservation Details view where the responses to Number questions were displaying 123581321 instead of an empty field.
  • Editing form responses on the Dashboard will override pricemodifier value functions – Fixes an issue on the Reservation Details on the Dashboard where users editing an existing reservation’s form responses would override pricemodifier value functions, if they existed, inadvertently changing the price of the booking.
  • Vocabulary terms missing on the Dashboard for Provider level users – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where the sub-navigation for Staff, Customers, My Provider, Bookables, and Resources were empty buttons with no text.
  • Sender email on Notifications not referencing Provider Email – Fixes an issue where the Marketplace Email Sender was getting referenced instead of the intended Provider Email.
  • Roster question responses inconsistent in Reservation Details – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where Roster question responses were displaying in an unpredictable order.
  • Provider Users unable to edit Provider details – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where single Provider-level users were unable to open the edit option to change settings on their given Provider.
  • Travel Fees not adding to the final Bookable price – Fixes an issue with the Travel Fee Bookable feature where the those fees would not add to the final price as calculated on the Booking Site.
  • Resource URL field not saving – Fixes an issue where the URL field on the Resource setting on the Dashboard would never save.
  • Resource Groups not attaching to Bookables – Fixes an issue for select Marketplaces where certain Resource Groups would not be available on Bookables due to the necessary Provider association.
  • Home page settings returning inaccurate data – Fixes an issue where the colors and lines on the graph were connected to the fields in the table for Site Visitors and Reservations.
  • Price Modifier question Short Labels not appearing in the Reservation Details modal – Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where the Short Label describing a Price Modifier question would not display, causing confusion since the question(s) affect the final price of a reservation.
  • Marketplace Search not correctly generating the embedded URL – Fixes an issue with the embedded version of the Marketplace Search where styles and settings that should have been hidden were still present.
  • Problems signing in with the Magic Link in the limitedresourceview mode – Fixes an issue for users who were seeing multiple red toasts after getting invited to manage a Resource using the Magic Link.

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