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Release Notes for November 17, 2020

Product Update – v2.1.7

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

November 17,  2020

New and Enhanced Features

  • Azure AD B2C Single Sign-On integration – Periodic now offers an Azure AD B2C SSO integration for Marketplaces wanting to streamline their booking system with other platforms.
  • Provider Search Radius – This new feature allows for a Provider to set a service radius in reference to the address if the Marketplace is using the Marketplace Search option for their Home Page. This will only affect users finding a Provider through the Home Page.
  • Reservation Validation – New interface to allow Dashboard users to mark reservations as validated or invalidated and attach related notes.
  • New Booking Site login protocol – Customers forced to create an account on the Booking Site will no longer be redirected to a modal but rather have the ability to create a password directly in the form attached to that Bookable.
  • Telephone numbers click-to-call enabled on Resource List view – Resource Users claiming reservations can now click on customer phone numbers and trigger a call directly through the Dashboard.
  • New setting to allow links on Booking Site logos – Dashboard users can now set up a URL link to redirect the user when clicking the Booking Site logo at the Marketplace level or optionally, Provider level using the website field under Contact Info.
  • New design for cancellation pages – Reservation cancellation pages on the Booking Site can now reflect custom styles for each Marketplace.
  • Updated UI when using payments in Dashboard Reservation creation page – Changed the interface to better reflect the Booking Site UI.
  • Updated password reset pages – Password resets now reference the custom styles on a given Marketplace.
  • Updated notifications to send for Events with multiple segments – Bookables with Segmented Event Availability can now send reminder notifications before the start time of each segment.
  • Updated Form display on Booking Site confirmation page – Forms with custom messages will now only display those custom messages in the Form step of the booking process on the Booking Site and hide custom messages on the confirmation page.
  • Updated webhook payload – The webhook fired when a new reservation is made now includes starttime, duration, provider timezone, and customer timezone.
  • Updated cancellation prompt on Booking Site with payment present – A customer on the Booking Site attempting to cancel a reservation with a payment will now see a warning message, “Are you sure you want to cancel this reservation? If so, your payment of $___ will not be refunded because this cancellation is beyond the cutoff time.” before proceeding with the cancellation.
  • Updated Form question prompt styling on Booking Site – Every Form question now has consistent styling on the Booking Site.
  • Stripe transfer method via destination charges – Updated how transfers work in the Stripe integration to allow for cross-boarder transactions between the United States and Canada on any given Marketplace.

Resolved Issues

  • Refunds not working through reschedule on Booking Site  – Fixes an issue where rescheduling a reservation would not trigger a refund if payment was involved.
  • Refunds not working through reschedule on Dashboard – Fixes an issue where rescheduling a reservation through the Dashboard would not trigger a refund if payment was involved.
  • Extra large images on Dashboard -Fixes an issue where images looked extra large and zoomed in on “My Account” and the Reservation Details view from the Activity page.
  • Loading indicator display issue with Booking Site links shared in text messages and other apps – Fixes an issue where the Periodic loading indicator GIF would be the image referenced and displayed when a Booking Site link was shared in text messages, Facebook or other apps.
  • Cannot edit the name of a Form – Fixes an issue where Dashboard users could not edit the name of an existing Form.
  • Dashboard header style bug – Fixes an issue where the Dashboard header was extending longer than necessary above the navigation.
  • Resource availability window displaying 12pm as 0:00pm – Fixes an issue where the Resource Availability Window would display 0:00pm rather than 12pm.
  • Booking Site reschedule links throwing errors after expiration – Fixes an issue where reschedule links on expired reservations would allow customers to wrongly proceed to select a new date/time.
  • Bugs with the Message Template editor – Fixes issues where the Message Template editor would not work as expected on Marketplaces with custom stylesheets.
  • Bookable updates not updating their Provider joins – Fixes an issue where updating a Bookable would not necessarily update the Provider joined with that Bookable.
  • Provider Sign Up payment bug – Fixes an issue where a user creating a Provider through the Sign Up form could continue in the creation workflow without proper payment details submitted in the required fields.
  • Timeout bug when applying “This Year” filter on Reservation List – Fixes an issue where searching on the Reservation List using the “This Year” button would timeout the page.
  • Forms with multiple sections not working on Booking Site – Fixes an issue where Forms with multiple sections would not work on the Booking Site and just load indefinitely.
  • Bug in switching Availability type on Bookable – Fixes an issue where changing the Availability type on a Bookable (Book by Day, Regular Availability, Event) would not clear the previous availability setting after choosing a new one.
  • Resource User association bug when inviting someone to manage a Resource – Fixes an issue where Resource Users were not getting properly associated with the same Providers as their Resources.
  • Resource Capacity vocabulary bug – Fixes an issue where the Dashboard description of the Resource Capacity setting was not referencing the Marketplace vocabulary settings.

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