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Release Notes for October 1, 2020

Product Update – v2.0.7

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

October 1, 2020

New and Enhanced Features

  • Clone feature on Forms – New feature that allows Dashboard users to clone forms.
  • Updated Provider list on Dashboard – Looking at the main list of Providers on the Dashboard will now include a display of each Provider subdomain.

Resolved Issues

  • Cancellation link shows reservation in Customer Timezone – Fixes an issue where the cancellation link sent through a notification shows the reservation in the Customer timezone, now showing in the Provider timezone.
  • Clicking “back” on Booking Site does not give available timeslots – Fixes an issue where the customer clicks “back” on the Booking Site did not show all available timeslots for booking.
  • Timezone inference setting not picking up on Customer timezone – Fixes an issue where the Booking Site was not showing timeslots in the Customers timezone as expected.
  • Resource availability windows not saving as intended – Fixes an issue where Resource availability windows were not saving with the Resource timezone and in some cases, changing the end time of the availability window.
  • “Select”, “Radio”, and “Date” form question types not passing to users in notifications with the FORM_RESPONSES variable – Fixes an issue where certain question types were sending form response IDs rather than the actual responses in notifications.
  • Provider discount code unresponsive – Fixes an issue where “Generate Discount Code” was not responsive and not allowing users to create discount codes.
  • “Allow Providers and Provider Groups to edit and delete customers” setting unresponsive – Fixes an issue where the Marketplace Setting to grant Customer permissions to Provider and Provider Group users was not working.
  • “Bookable Selection Prompt” not showing on Booking Site – Fixes an issue where the Bookable Selection Prompt was not displaying to users on the Booking Site.
  • Internal question type not displaying on Dashboard – Fixes an issue where an Internal question type never shows up in the Reservation Details in the Dashboard.
  • Employee users on Dashboard seeing red toast message – Fixes an issue where employees logging into the Dashboard were seeing a red toast message after logging in.
  • URL parameters not passing data to forms – Fixes an issue where URL parameters were not passing data into form fields as expected.
  • Resource filter on Reservation List not responsive – Fixes an issue where the Resource filter on the Dashboard Reservation List was not working.
  • Gig reservations not showing as claimable – Fixes an issue where gig reservations were becoming booked before ever getting claimed by a Resource User.
  • Issue when recording a prior check-in/check-out in Dashboard – Fixes an issue where recording a prior check-in/check-out on a Reservation in the Dashboard would stamp that action with a time of 00:00:00.000.
  • Customer login portal showing reservations in wrong timezone – Fixes an issue where reservations on the customer login portal on the Booking Site was displaying all reservations in Provider timezone instead of the customer timezone.
  • Resource blackout issue when created on the same day – Fixes an issue where creating a blackout for the same day would not actually black out availability.
  • Cancelling reservations on the Booking Site showing refund warning message when no payment is present – Fixes an issue where the customer would see a warning message about payments when cancelling a reservation with no payment.
  • Issue with the Bookable Travel Fee Tax Option – Fixes an issue where the Travel Fee Tax Option checkbox on the Bookable setting was not responsive or adding to the total price of a reservation.
  • Unable to change Provider association on Message Templates – Fixes an issue where Dashboard users were unable to switch the Provider associated with a Message Template.
  • Role assignment list empty when creating a new Staff – Fixes an issue where creating a new Staff on the Dashboard would display an empty, but selectable list of available roles.

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