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Release Notes for September 14, 2021 – v2.1.42.1

Product Update – V2.1.42.1

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

UPDATED: September 14, 2021

New And Enhanced Features

  • New API documentation – Check out our beautiful and brand new API docs.
  • Provider Tags – Sort and search for Providers through the Marketplace Search using the Provider Tag system. Until now, tags have only been available to Bookables and Resources. This update also included a change to the Dashboard UI in creating and managing tags.
  • Provider Sign-Up Enhancement – Users wanting to sign up and onboard new Providers more easily can use the Provider Sign-Up feature. This sign-up form allows a new Provider to get created through a custom interface referencing a Provider Template, and even connected to a custom pricing plan via Cheddar.
  • Provider Templates – This feature works in concert with the Provider Sign-Up system to allow Marketplace administrators to denote Providers as “templates”. Newly created Providers are able to reference templated Providers to inherit all of its settings – including Bookables, Resources, Forms, and Message Templates.
  • Marketplace Search by Tag – The Marketplace Search can now filter and search by Provider Tags.
  • Seat Selection workflow – For Booking Sites allowing customers to select from a varied number of seats on a single reservation will now undergo a new workflow and interface. After landing on a Bookable allowing seat selections, users will be forced to select from the Seat dropdown before proceeding to the form or date/time selection.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixes an issue where users on the Dashboard could not add new availability windows on Resources.
  • Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where users could not replace or add Resources on an existing reservation on the Reservation Details page.
  • Fixes an issue on the Booking Site where users would sometimes see the message “only available for waitlist” on Resources that were not configured to use the Waitlist feature and actually unavailable.
  • Fixes an issue on the Booking Site where users would not see any available dates or times after clicking “choose another date” on the time selection view.
  • Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where clicking the “validate” and “invalidate” buttons would result in the error message TypeError: Cannot read property 'subject' of undefinedinstead of firing the notifications and updating the validation field.
  • Fixes an issue on the Dashboard where clicking on a reservation on the Reservation Calendar would not open the Reservation Details.

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