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Release Notes for July 28, 2020

Product Update – v2.0.4

Note: The information in past release notes may have been superseded by subsequent release notes and updates.

July 28, 2020

New and Enhanced Features

  • Enhanced availability engine – The availability engine behind Periodic has been updated for faster and more efficient bookings.
  • Reservation Waitlist feature – Customers now have the option to opt into a waitlist when a timeslot is completely booked. Dashboard Administrators then have the option to manually or automatically offer that timeslot to waitlisted customers when it becomes available.
  • New Search feature on the Provider Booking Site – Allows Customers to easily search for a Bookable through the Provider Booking Site based on Bookable name, description, or tag. Dashboard Administrators have the option to make this view available across all Providers or allow Providers to show or hide this search field.
  • New Sort & Filter feature on the Provider Booking Site – Allows Customers to filter by Bookable Tag(s) to display associated Bookables. Dashboard Administrators have the option to make this view available across all Providers or allow Providers to show or hide this sort & filter feature.
  • New field to set country on Marketplace settings – Dashboard Administrators can now set a country on the Marketplace settings to help display phone number country codes automatically on the Booking Site.
  • Updated front-end phone number validation on Booking Site – To better help validate phone numbers the Booking Site phone number input field has been enhanced.
  • All accounts updated with new Marketplace notifications – All accounts now have default message templates for notifications not triggered by Reservations. Those settings are accessible by Dashboard Administrators under Settings > Options > Email Options.
  • Updated call to remove reference to a Resource from a Resource Group when that Resource is deleted – Deleting a Resource will now remove it from any associated Resource Group, ensuring a successful availability call.
  • Updated price display for downpayment collection method on Booking Site – The price displayed on Bookables with a downpayment collection method has been updated to prominently show the Bookable price rather than the downpayment price.
  • New Resource selection interface to account for Resource Group with more than 5 Resources – Resource Groups with more than 5 Resources now offer a predictive search bar to help Customers search for relevant Resources. This interface also provides a button to allow Customers to filter for Resource Tags when present.
  • New and optional date restriction field on gig reservations Gig reservations have an optional date restriction to allow the Customer to set a start and end date/time on a reservation, which would force the Resource to claim that reservation within the date restriction.
  • Updated navigation on Provider settings on Dashboard – In the case that Booking Site permissions are not granted to Providers on a Marketplace the Booking Site tab will be hidden.
  • New sort option on Reservation List for reservation start date or created date– The Reservation List now offers a Sort by to allow Dashboard users to show reservations on the Reservation List by either start or created date and time.
  • New dictionary terms and message variables – Dashboard Administrators can now alias Travel Fee , Validate, and Invalidate in the dictionary and use those terms as message variables.
  • Google and Outlook calendar event descriptions now editable – Marketplace Administrators can have an editable template to display select information on calendar events using variables relating to reservations.
  • Updated interface for Accordion View sort on Booking Site – Displaying Bookables using the Accordion View (sort by Bookable Tag) will now use an up and down arrow to indicate which tag is selected and open on the Booking Site.

Resolved Issues

  • Checkbox question type overlapping on Booking Site – Fixes an issue where a checkbox question type overlaps other fields when the text is too long.
  • Staff invitation email sending blank email – Fixes an issue where templates for Staff (Admin, Provider, Provider Group, Employee users) users are not sending in the email.
  • Employee managing a Resource offers limited view of Dashboard – Fixes an issue where every Employee managing a Resource sees a limited view of the Dashboard by creating a boolean and setting to toggle that on or off.
  • Book by Day displaying start time other than 00:00:00 – Fixes an issue where Book by Day Bookables display a start and end time other than 12:00am – 11:59pm.
  • Existing Staff attempting to reset passwords getting invalid link – Fixes an issue where existing users attempting to reset a password receive a broken link and are unable to reset password.
  • Notifications with CUSTOM_RESOURCES variable not sending – Fixes an issue where the use of CUSTOM_RESOURCES variable in email and SMS message templates caused notifications not to send.
  • Rescheduling reservations through the Customer Login page on the Booking Site does not work – Fixes an issue where Customers could not reschedule a reservation through the reschedule link available on the Custom Login page through the Booking Site.
  • Long question prompts on forms causes questions to overlap on the Booking Site – Fixes an issue where using long question prompts caused overlapping text and display problems on the form section of the booking flow for Customers on the Booking Site.
  • Notifications not sending to “Provider User(s)” – Fixes an issue where notifications were not sending to “Provider User(s)”.
  • Employees managing Resources not receiving SMS notifications – Fixes an issue where Employees managing Resources were not receiving SMS notifications.
  • Inviting an Employee to manage a Resource duplicates the Provider(s) on that Employee – Fixes an issue where an Employee invited to manage a Resource duplicates the Provider(s) and Provider(s) subdomain on that Employee.
  • Travel Fee not adding to Bookable price – Fixes an issue where setting a Travel Fee on a Bookable price would not add that fee to reservations.
  • Cannot add Provider or Resource Blackouts on Safari or IE11 – Fixes an issue where adding a Provider or Resource Blackout on Safari or IE11 would not actually add a Blackout.
  • Subtotal and total price not updated after applying discount code – Fixes an issue where applying a discount code on the Booking Site would not alter the subtotal or final price of a reservation as expected.
  • All form questions cleared when deleting a single form question in Dashboard – Fixes an issue where deleting a single form question on a Form would clear all other questions existing on that Form.
  • Print option unresponsive on Dashboard – Fixes an issue where the print button was unresponsive on the Dashboard Reservation List and Reservation Calendar.
  • Unable to set Event Availability on a Bookable – Fixes an issue where Dashboard users were unable to use Event Availability on Bookables.
  • Dashboard users unable to edit form data on Reservation Details – Fixes an issue where Dashboard users were unable to update or change data in the Reservation Details modal.
  • Flashing color on dead space behind images – Fixes an issue where the background color behind images would flash any time an image would not take up the entire frame.
  • Required Resources not getting associated with reservations – Fixes an issue where required Resources were not getting associated with reservations made on the Booking Site.
  • Travel Fees not adding to price on the Booking Site – Fixes an issue where Travel Fees were not getting added to the final price of a reservation when made through the Booking Site.
  • Unable to set availability windows on Resource – Fixes an issue where Dashboard users are unable to create and save availability windows on a Resource.
  • Employees managing a Resource unable to open Reservation Details modal – Fixes an issue where an Employee user managing a Resource in the Dashboard could not open the Reservation Details.

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