Connecting Calendars


Periodic provides an integration with Google and Outlook calendars to:

  • check for availability
  • post reservation data to Staff calendars
  • optionally send calendar invites to Customers

*Note that calendars can only connect with individual Resources

This feature is helpful for Staff to see Reservations on an external calendar without needing to login to the Dashboard.

Connecting an external calendar will restrict availability during events on that calendar.  Your browser must allow popups for the authorization process of connecting a calendar to complete.

How to Connect a Calendar

  • From CONFIGURATION > RESOURCES, select a current or create a new Resource
  • Go to the Availability tab on the left navigation
  • Scroll to the bottom and click to connect a Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar
  • The connection page will pop up and allow you to select or enter Google or Outlook credentials
  • Select your calendar to connect
  • Save the Resource


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