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Connecting PayPal to Collect Payment

Periodic supports a full integration with PayPal to power, accept and process payments on your custom booking system. Marketplaces are capable of processing every payment through a single account or you have the option to enable payment splitting through several connected PayPal accounts. This allows Marketplace accounts to take a revenue share of reservations booked on Providers.

Connecting PayPal to Your Marketplace

  • Login to your Periodic dashboard as a Marketplace Administrator
  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations
  • Click on the ‘Connect’ option for PayPal
    • Ensure you do not have Stripe connected, and none of your Providers are connected to Stripe
  • Respond to the required fields


If you do not have a PayPal Business account:

  • Go to PayPal
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ in the upper right
  • Enable the ‘Business Account’ Option



  • Click ‘Next’ and enter an email address to login and hit ‘Continue’
  • Create a password and hit ‘Continue’
  • Answer the next questions and finish creating your account
  • Once the account is created you should have landed on a page like this:



  • Complete your account setup by confirming your email address and linking a bank account 
  • After account setup is complete, Click on the ‘Developer’ link in the top right
  • To ensure you have completed all necessary steps, go to ‘My Account’ on ‘PayPal Developer’
  • Scroll to your ‘Permissions’ and under the column labeled ‘Live’ you must ‘Enable’ all of the rows of permissions and follow the respective steps to do this
  • If you do not see ‘Enable’ and it is replaced by a green checkmark, that permission is allowed on your account 
  • Follow above steps to finish linking your PayPal account to your Periodic Dashboard

Note: This can not be accomplished with your personal account.

If you already have a PayPal Business Account:


  • Login to PayPal Developer
  • After landing on the ‘My apps & credentials’ page, you need to ensure that the ‘Sandbox’ option is switched to ‘Live’
  • If you do not see this option, hover over your Profile in the upper right-hand corner of the page and navigate to ‘Dashboard’ > ’My Apps & Credentials’




  • After doing this you must create an API app for Periodic to connect to within PayPal
  • Do this by clicking the ‘Create App’ button under ‘REST API apps’
  • Name your app (we recommend using your Periodic Marketplace)



  • Click ‘Create App’
  • Find the app you have just created in the list of App names (Ensure you are still on ‘Live’ not ‘Sandbox’)
  • Click on the app
  • You should see 3 fields now (PayPal account, Client ID, and Secret) 

Integrating Your PayPal Account with Periodic



  • Copy and paste the ‘PayPal account’ into the ‘Paypal Account / Email ID’ field on your Periodic Dashboard
  • Copy and paste the ‘Client ID’  into the ‘Paypal Application Client ID’ field on your Periodic Dashboard
  • Click on ‘Show’ under the ‘Secret’ field, then copy and paste the resulting ‘Secret’ into the ‘Paypal Application Secret’ on your Periodic Dashboard 
  • Then click ‘SAVE’ in the Upper Right-Hand of your Periodic Dashboard
  • Periodic will be connected to your PayPal account now

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