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Tracked Items for Cheddar Subscriptions

For Marketplaces wanting to charge subscription fees to Providers, look no further. Periodic’s integration with Cheddar allows you to create custom billing plans and automate the monthly invoice based on usage rates in your custom plans.


Create a Cheddar Account

Tracked Items

Tracked Items are how you bill your customers based on usage rates. This will allow you to set limits or up-charge when a given Provider goes over the allotted number of Reservations, Bookables, Resources, etc.

Providers – Providers

Bookables – BOOKABLE

Resources – RESOURCE

Reservations – RESERVATIONS

Checked-Out Reservations – RESERVATION_CHECKOUT


Peak Providers – PEAK_PROVIDERS

Peak Bookables – PEAK_BOOKABLES

Peak Resources – PEAK_RESOURCES

Peak Reservations – PEAK_RESERVATIONS

Peak Staff Users – PEAK_STAFF_USERS

*Peak Tracked Items will charge for the peak, or highest amount of entities added in a given billing cycle.

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