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Connecting Stripe to Collect Payment

Periodic supports a full integration with Stripe to power, accept and process payments on your custom booking system. Marketplaces are capable of processing every payment through a single account or you have the option to enable payment splitting through several connected Stripe accounts. This allows Marketplace accounts to take a revenue share of reservations booked on Providers.

Connecting Stripe to a Marketplace

  • Login to your Periodic Dashboard
  • Click SETTINGS > Integrations
  • Under the Stripe option, click ‘CONNECT ACCOUNT’

If you are not directed to Stripe, – ensure that your browser allows for pop-up windows – these can be configured in your browser settings.

If you have a Stripe account: 

  • Click the Sign In link and enter credentials
  • Above the Activate your account section, click the dropdown next to Switch Account and select the Stripe account you wish the connect with Periodic
  • Click the button Connect my Stripe account
  • Once you see the ‘Thank you!’ message, click the Click here link to go back to your Periodic Dashboard

If you do not have a Strip account: 

  • Fill out the required fields in the Activate your account page
  • Once the required fields are complete, click the Authorize access to this account at the bottom of the page

Connecting Stripe to a Provider

Once Stripe is integrated with your Marketplace account it becomes possible to connect a different Stripe account on the Provider level. Provider Stripe accounts enables split incoming customer payments.

Marketplace Settings

  • As a Marketplace Administrator go to > SETTINGS > Integrations
  • Under Stripe, click the checkbox to Allow Providers to connect their own Stripe Accounts
  • Customize payment splitting options
  • Payments can be split by a percentage or flat fee
  • Payments can split according to the Downpayment (if enabled) / Initial Payment or remaining Balance (if Downpayment is enabled and the full payment is not processed when initially booked)
  • Click the green SAVE button in the top right

Provider Settings

  • Open the Integrations page
  • Under Stripe, click the CONNECT STRIPE ACCOUNT button


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